3 Steps to Making a Sale

It’s exciting when a prospective customer is interested in signing up for MCA membership. Selling memberships and recruiting sales associates to your team is how you earn commissions and grow your business.

After you’ve told your prospective customer about all the benefits MCA membership offers, make sure your sales go through smoothly with these three steps.


1. Answer questions

If your prospect is asking questions about the business, that’s a good sign! It means they are curious but want to understand everything before making a commitment. Remember when you first heard about TVC Marketing or enrolled as a member in MCA? Did the perks seem too good to be true?  When selling memberships, remember what you were uncertain about and be sure to address any questions a prospect may have.

When you are closing a sale on a MCA membership, it’s a great time to tell the customer all the benefits of selling memberships as a TVC associate. If you’re still a new associate or you’re simply asked a question you’re not sure about, we have several resources to help you.

  • Our website provides answers to frequently asked questions about MCA membership.
  • Our training manual explains all aspects of the MCA membership benefits. Whether you’re just starting out or you are making sales to a new group of people who have never heard of your business, it’s a good idea to read it over and make sure you understand all the benefits.
  • Your sponsor can help if you come across a question you’re unsure how to answer. Your sponsor is there to support your sales and has likely experienced the question before.
  • Contact us.  You can chat with associate services at TVCmarketing.com or send a message on Facebook. You can also call associate services at 866-467-2221.


2. Help the customer sign up

Once they have committed to purchasing a MCA membership from you, make sure everything goes smoothly with the sign-up process. Encourage the new member to sign up online using your landing page or custom website with a referral link. This ensures you are credited for the sale and receive a commission. Be sure to ask them again if they’re having problems and work with them to make the sign-up process easy.

If they have problems signing up online, have them call 866-467-2221 to sign up over the phone. Be sure to provide your associate ID number so you get credit for the sale. Your referral code is listed on your profile page on the TVC website.


3. Verify the sale

TVC will verify the new member’s payment method and process the order. If our fraud-prevention system flags the order, it will be placed on hold while we manually verify all the information. If an order is placed on hold and denied because of a problem with payment information, you will not receive a commission. If the order is approved with advance commissions, you will receive the standard advance commission as if it was never held for verification. Sometimes, payments are approved with “as-earned commissions.” This means the sale will still count as a normal sale, but the commissions are paid after each payment by the member, rather than having multiple months of commission paid out in advance.

Once the sale goes through, the new member will receive a packet of information explaining all the benefits. Remember, you are there as a resource for them. If they enjoy their MCA membership, they may decide to join your team as a sales associate and help your business grow even more.