7 Steps to Getting Started

Welcome on your new path to success! We have seen lives changed by the career TVC offers our associates and it’s our goal to unlock your potential.

It can be exciting to start promoting your business and making those sales, but before you do, there are a few steps you need to take.

1. First up, it’s time to complete a private profile on TVC’s website. This is a profile only TVC Marketing personnel see, but it’s important to make sure everything is in our system correctly so you can get paid. You’ll find your profile if you click on “Account” in the menu bar.

2. On your private profile, you need to add a bank account so the money you make from your sales will be deposited right into your checking account. You can change the account information at any time, so if you want to send your money to a different checking account at some point, you can always edit it here as well.

3. Make sure your phone number and email address is in our system correctly. Your member associate kit will be sent by email, so make sure you use an account that you have regular access to. We need a good phone number if any issues come up, like a sale is on hold or mail isn’t getting to you. We recommend agreeing to receive text messages from us. In fact, if you do everything on your smartphone, you can even receive your associate and membership kit via text.

4. Next, you’ll need to complete your marketing profile. This is information that your customers will see when they buy a membership from you. Setting a referral code is important because that is how you make money on your sales.

5. Add a photo to your marketing profile as well. This way, your customers will know they are buying from you and not someone else. Select a photo that is cropped to a square that just shows your face and make sure it’s not sideways.

6. Your marketing profile is where you will add your public contact information. This is important so your customers can contact you if they have any questions about signing up or how to become a sales associate themselves!

7. It’s also a great idea to personalize your site with a quote. It can be a passage from a book, lyrics of a song, or a phrase that inspires you. Keep it positive and uplifting. You can browse ideas for quotes on sites like Pinterest if you’re stumped for ideas.

Now comes the fun part: take a look around at all the resources TVC Marketing has to help you succeed. We are here to support you and can’t wait to help in every way we can.

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