Achieving Business Goals Part I: Income Goals, Dream Sheet and Personal Evaluation

Achieving business goals starts with putting your thoughts in writing. TVC Marketing provides several tools to help you formulate a plan and live the life you always wanted. All the guides and forms discussed below can be found in the TVC training manual.

Income Goal Sheet

First, decide your income goal. Then, you will know how many sales per week you need to make to reach that goal. Associates wanting to make extra income while the kids are in school will have a much different goal than someone working full time. The income goal worksheet details the advance commission, approximate hourly commission and yearly income potential based on a certain number of sales.

Your training manual details the number of sales needed each week in order to earn a specific commission advance. The manual also outlines bonuses you can qualify for, depending on which product you sell. It’s important to note TVC Pro-Driver commissions and bonuses are different from Motor Club of America compensation amounts.

Dream Sheet

Writing down your dreams and aspirations is a good way to motivate yourself to make more sales. The dream sheet is an activity completed over two days. The worksheet lists several aspects of life, such as dream vacations, homes, careers, health and relationships.

First, write down your answers for each category and put the sheet aside for 24 hours. The next day, write why you have those goals in one sentence or less.

This exercise increases the likelihood of achieving your dreams. A Harvard Business Study found graduates who had their goals and dreams written down were earning up to 10 times as much money as the graduates who didn’t participate.

If you don’t have time to write down your dreams, when will you have time to achieve them?

Personal Evaluation Sheet

The personal evaluation sheet helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. There are seven sections with topics ranging from family to finances to faith. Each section is ranked from one to five, with five being excellent.

After ranking each area, you can determine which ones need improvement. If it seems overwhelming to tackle multiple areas at once, start with just one. Sometimes working through one aspect will give you the strength and confidence to take on more challenges.

Goal Setting

Once you have completed your income goal sheet, dream sheet and personal evaluation sheet, it’s time to start setting goals for your business. We’ll cover this topic in depth in our next blog, Achieving Business Goals Part II: Seven Steps for Goal Setting.

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