Achieving Business Goals Part II: Seven Steps for Goal Setting

Now that you’ve completed your income goal sheet, dream sheet and personal evaluation – which we covered in Achieving Business Goals Part I – it’s time to start setting performance goals.

Seven Steps for Goal Setting

Setting goals can be an overwhelming task for some associates. The following exercise is adapted from Zig Ziglar’s 7 Steps to Success and breaks down each phase to help make the process easier.

  1. Identify the goal – Write down your goal and describe it clearly. An ambiguous goal like “to sell more memberships” isn’t specific. Instead, a specific goal would be “to increase my sales by 10 percent.”
  2. Set a deadline for achievement – Setting a deadline helps you hold yourself accountable. If you are not accountable to your goals, you will never achieve them. Now, your goal could be “to increase my sales by 10 percent every month for the next six months.”
  3. List obstacles to overcome – Achieving goals is not always a smooth ride; often the road is rough. Anticipating obstacles can help you prepare for them, which increases the likelihood of overcoming them. Trusted friends and family can often help think of potential obstacles if you draw a blank.
  4. Identify the people and groups to work with to accomplish your goal – Enlisting the help of mentors or other associates is a great way to reach your goals. They can offer skills and knowledge you need to be successful. Never hesitate to enlist good help. It really does take a village to be successful.
  5. List skills and knowledge required to reach your goal – Write down the skills and knowledge needed for your specific goal. Then, identify which ones you need to work on. For example, if public speaking isn’t your strength, attend a local Toastmasters meeting or check out a library book on the subject.
  6. Create a plan of action – This is the most critical step, and it involves thinking through the details of how you will achieve your goal. Maybe this means sending out more emails to prospects or making a social media video to increase sales. Whatever your plan is, write it down step by step.
  7. List the benefits of achieving the goal – If there are no personal benefits, your motivation for reaching the goal will be non-existent. Write down all the great things that will happen once you meet your goal, work toward it everyday and watch how fast it appears!

Benefits of Goals

Setting goals comes with a long list of benefits. Besides achieving something you really want, goals motivate you to reach outside your comfort zone and become a more confident person. Goals also enable you to:

  • Use your mind and talents fully
  • Have more purpose and direction in life
  • Make better, more informed decisions
  • Be better organized
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Accomplish things you never thought you could

Along the path to reaching your goals, you may experience setbacks. It’s important to learn from mistakes, overcome obstacles with grace and ignore the negative influences of other people. As a TVC Marketing associate, you have a supportive team behind you. We know you have what it takes to achieve your dreams, and we can’t wait to see you do it!