Additional TVC Training Resources and Product Information

TVC Marketing is committed to giving associates the tools they need to reach sales goals and live the life of their dreams. In our Top Sales and Marketing Resources blog, we listed several outside sources to help you hone your sales presentation and closing skills. Additionally, TVC Marketing has several internal resources for associates seeking additional training or product information.


TVC has multiple websites for both associates and members. Familiarizing yourself with the member sites can help you sell value to prospects by highlighting exciting features. has a wealth of information, including company guidelines, brand standards, recruiting tips and compensation breakdowns. Associates also access their back office from this website. Within your back office, you can download the marketing plan and review your sales history. allows visitors to compare plans, review benefits and read frequently asked questions. Reading the FAQs and memorizing the answers can help you show how important TVC Pro-Driver coverage is when selling to truckers. gives members reward dollars each month, which they can use to purchase gift cards, movie tickets and more. TVC Pro-Driver members also have access to discounts at thousands of restaurants and shops across the country. Mentioning the multiple discounts available at truckers’ favorite places can be the extra selling point you need to close the deal. contains benefit details and an extensive list of frequently asked questions. Members can also request roadside assistance from the website. has travel discounts on hotels, rental cars, flights and more. This website is a great benefit to talk about with motor club prospects because they get the discounts for free with their membership.

TVC Live Chat is also available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. for quick questions or concerns. The chat bubble is located in the bottom right corner of any page on

Social Media

TVC’s YouTube channel contains dozens of videos to help Pro-Driver and MCA associates. Organized playlists will help you navigate to the videos most relevant to the product you sell. Topics include sales objections, marketing tips, success stories and organizational changes.

Facebook is the largest social media site, with 2.2 billion world-wide users. TVC has several accounts, including ones for TVC Marketing, TVC Pro-Driver and Motor Club of America.

Twitter is the place to quickly see trending news and information. Associates can find all their favorite TVC accounts on this platform, including TVC Marketing, TVC Pro-Driver, and Motor Club of America.

Phone Numbers

Sometimes, the easiest way to get help is to embrace the old school and use your cell phone for its original purpose – making calls. TVC has several numbers to help members and associates.

TVC Pro-Driver Associate Services: 833-588-1088

Motor Club of American Associate Services: 866-467-2221

TVC Marketing Fax: 405-607-2500


TVC Marketing associates can also find relevant, helpful information right here on the TVC blog. We publish new blogs twice a month to address important issues and help you grow your business. Some of the most popular blogs include:

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