Being Prepared is Half the Battle

Growing a successful business requires more than hard work; it requires smart work. Self-motivation and dedication are two important qualities for TVC associates to have, but you also need to be prepared to handle all different types of situations when selling. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Knowing the Product

This may sound simple. Of course you need to know the products to sell them. But to be a top sales associate, you must know them like the back of your hand. For example, TVC Pro-Driver associates should be able to verbally explain the differences between the 4885 plan and the Green Plus plan without looking at a cheat sheet. Does free worldwide travel assistance come with the lower-priced plan? If you don’t know the answer, you need to continue educating yourself on the products and their features.

Even more imperative is knowing what legal representation and emergency roadside assistance benefits are included with the memberships. Associates who can list the entire benefits page from memory will likely make more sales than those who can’t recall the information. If you need help with memorization, this article from Psychology Today discusses eights ways to boost your memory and keep it strong.

Reviewing the Bubble Book

Once you know all there is to know about TVC products, including additional benefits like the WellCard and Pro-Driver rewards, it’s time to practice the TVC sales scripts to prepare you for presentations.

The sales presentation bubble book is a valuable tool for associates and is available by clicking the sales support tab in TVC Matrix. It can also be ordered by calling associate services at 833-588-1088. The book gives verbatim lines to help you walk prospects through the sales presentation.

For example, when speaking with a driver, you can show the value of TVC Pro-Driver by highlighting the testimonial below to show truckers how a membership protects their livelihood.

Member testimonial. $1,400 ticket reduced to $76 with no points

The bubble book contains 24 pages of scripts detailing how to explain the product during the sales presentation, including additional information on member benefits like Data Q Challenges and the 25 percent discount on other legal services.

Rehearsing Scenarios

Practicing the sales presentation before arriving at the truck stop kiosk is crucial to success. Rehearse your techniques while having a friend or family member play a driver giving sales objections. Repetition is a proven way to learn information and will help prepare you for a variety of selling situations.

Preparation is a key element of success, especially when selling TVC Pro-Driver. Learning the product benefits, reviewing the sales presentation bubble book scripts and rehearsing different scenarios can boost your sales and put you on track to be a top selling associate in 2019 and for years to come.