Being Your Own Boss

Research shows entrepreneurs are some of the happiest people on the planet. But, like most careers, running a business has pros and cons. TVC Marketing has some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of being your own boss.

Never stop learning

Whether you’re just getting started or have a well-established business, learning is crucial to success. Professionals at the top of their respective industries regularly participate in professional development to stay informed on market trends, understand new concepts and lead by example. Read the TVC blog posts, listen to sales podcasts and watch the videos on our YouTube channel to increase your sales knowledge. Additionally, sites like offer a variety of low-cost courses on professional development.

Reading industry news can also help you run a successful business. For example, TVC Pro-Driver associates who know what’s going on in the trucking industry can use that knowledge to connect with drivers and build personal relationships.

Finding a mentor is another great way to increase your business acumen. The person doesn’t have to be in sales. Seek out other entrepreneurs who can offer insight on time management, staying motivated and setting goals.

Embrace consistency

Practice makes perfect. And perfection and consistency go hand-in-hand for business owners. You should always deliver the same high level of customer service to each prospect and member. Practicing the art of salesmanship will help you be consistent in your presentations and interactions with prospects.

People who are persistent will earn business. People who are consistent will keep it. For example, routinely putting in the time and energy it takes to build your company will lead to more sales and longevity for your business.           

Find what works for you

You know yourself better than anyone else. Find what suits your personality and preferences and stick with it. Everyone has a slightly different approach to sales. Instead of trying to mimic another salesman’s style like a karaoke singer does a pop song, think about how you can sing the tune using your own unique voice without adlibbing the lyrics.

Seek a work-life balance

Set “work hours” to keep yourself motivated and avoid burnout. It’s important to work toward your goals, but rest and relaxation are equally vital. Establish your work schedule and maintain it diligently. When it’s time to rest, unplug and unwind. Doing so will leave you refreshed and ready to take on any challenges that come your way. Remember, your dream sheet isn’t just about your job, it’s about your lifestyle.

No career is without tests and trials. But overcoming them and building a successful business from the ground up can lead to great success and a rewarding life. The American Dream is yours for the taking!