How Capturing Members’ Email Addresses Can Increase Commission

The simple act of filing customers’ email addresses when you sign them up for TVC Pro-Driver is an easy way to potentially boost commission down the line. While gathering contact information is incredibly important in connecting with members, it can also help you increase sales and gives you the opportunity to help retain new customers.

Based on the new Super Sales commission system for 2020, ensuring new members stay active into their 10th consecutive month with no coverage lapses means YOU have a shot at a three-month commission advance. Staying in contact with new members during this period to ensure they’re happy and satisfied can directly result in you securing a Super Sale.

Here are some details if you need a quick refresher on how the Super Sales system works:

  • If you receive a nine-month commission advance on a Pro-Driver Platinum or Gold membership sale, AND if the new member is still active in their 10th month with no coverage lapses, the sale will be classified as a Super Sale.
  • For each Super Sale, you will be paid an additional three-month commission advance. On the Platinum plan, that amounts to a $31.05 commission advance in the10th month to the original selling associate.

In addition, TVC has created a lead form to help associates more readily collect leads’ contact information and close deals. You have exclusive access* to that lead for 14 days following the completion of the form, and even after that 14 days, if they sign up for a TVC Pro-Driver membership, you can still earn commission! After 14 days, TVC sends leads automatic emails to ensure they’re reminded of the numerous benefits of membership — even though we’re helping do the work, you’ll still receive 100% of the commission. If you’ve been unsuccessful in closing a sale, TVC can act as your wingman to bring it home.

Once signed up, email is the main way TVC communicates with its members. Its important customers provide an email address so they don’t miss out on important information and opportunities.   

Each month, members receive an e-newsletter, which focuses on important news updates, spotlights on specific plan benefits and more. We may also send one-off emails about relevant topics, such as the Driver Rewards Program and Fuel and Shop Discount Program. We’re always looking to provide drivers the most bang for their buck, and email is the primary way we share details about exclusive offers.

We understand new members may be hesitant to provide their email address to avoid receiving spam or an influx of unwanted messages. However, TVC Pro-Driver takes our members’ privacy very seriously, and we will never sell their information to third-party vendors. When signing up prospects, position the email address as a required field.

Having members’ email addresses on file can pay dividends for you if the customer keeps their membership or signs up as a result of TVC following up with the lead. Gathering email information is also vital for communicating updates and ensuring their needs are met. The next time you sign up a new trucker for TVC Pro-Driver services, be sure to adequately communicate why the email field is required.

*Except in instances where another associate signs up the prospect directly.