Competitor Comparison: Why TVC is a Driver’s Best Bet

When you meet with drivers in the field, you might come across some who claim they’re happy with their current legal representation provider. Your job is to convince them TVC Pro-Driver is better. After all, there’s a reason we outsell the competition!

For more than 30 years, TVC has made truckers’ lives easier by providing unmatched legal representation and benefits. We’re also the only BBB-accredited legal protection service dedicated to professional drivers. Below, see how TVC’s benefits compare with that of our competitors, and make a mental note or two for the next time you meet a driver who thinks they’re happy with less than the best.

Pre-Existing Tickets

With TVC Pro-Driver, members receive traffic violation representation by provider attorneys for a $295 handling fee per citation issued prior to or on their enrollment date. The fee increases to $395 if the ticket is received within five or fewer business days before the court date. None of our competitors are able to handle drivers’ pre-existing citations. If you meet a driver facing a pricey ticket, this service might be a key reason they consider switching to TVC.

Fuel & Shop Discount Program

Pro-Driver members love our Fuel & Shop Discount Program. TVC’s nationwide network of fueling locations saves participating members an average of $7,800 per year. Just sharing this statistic with a prospect is bound to get them to switch!

Free WellCard Health Program

The WellCard Health Program is a gift for Platinum and Gold plan members. Members receive 24/7 access to health discounts, prescriptions and phone consults (for a $65 fee) with board-certified doctors and nurses.

Members also enjoy savings on doctors visits, prescriptions and vision and dental care.

It’s pretty obvious — the savings add up quickly and substantially! None of our competitors offer a program like this.

Serious Accident Violations*

TVC provider attorneys offer representation in the court of original jurisdiction for drivers faced with manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide directly arising from a traffic accident after they enroll. Only two of our competitors offer this service, and one of them -charge drivers a fee.

25% Legal Discount

Any personal legal matter not specifically covered by one of our plans, like wills and divorces, is eligible to receive a 25% discount on provider attorney standard rates. This discount could amount to thousands of dollars saved.

Free DataQ Challenges

Our provider attorneys work hard to protect drivers’ CDLs from all types of violations. Whenever their violations are dismissed, amended or reduced, we’ll file a free DataQ challenge to get point reductions on their CSA scores. Drivers with high CSA scores run the risk of being side-lined. With TVC Pro-Driver, they’ll know they’re covered.

Moving and Non-Moving Violations

TVC offers representation in the court of original jurisdiction on all covered moving and non-moving violations for no fee for Platinum members. We handle the court hearings so our members can keep on driving. But with our competitors, drivers run the risk of being slapped with extra fees.

More than 500,000 professional drivers have trusted TVC Pro-Driver to handle over one million moving, non-moving and serious accident violations. You can’t argue with numbers — our results blow our competitors out of the water. Arm yourself with this information to increase your chances of landing the sale.

*Members are responsible for fines and court costs. NOT applicable when charged with any drug or alcohol-related matter; driving without a valid operator’s permit, license or tag; a felony; leaving the scene; past-due citations; parking or environmental charges; or appeals or warrants.