Converting Prospects to Customers

Consistently hitting personal revenue goals begins with great lead management. Ensuring you have an effective structure in place to seal the deal is an important factor to maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. Bolstering sales and increasing your conversion rate could be as easy as making tweaks to your prospect management process. Following the tips below can help you better manage your leads and improve sales.

Follow Up

Connecting with leads is important to ensure they keep moving through the pipeline and you make the sale. Stay in contact after you make the initial introduction. Set reminders every couple of days to notify you each time you need to follow up with a lead.

Maintaining relationships with your TVC Pro-Driver customers can also be beneficial. You want to make sure your customers are happy so you can earn money from renewals and identify upgrade opportunities. For example, many 4885, or Gold plan, members would likely be interested in upgrading to the new Platinum plan. Referrals from satisfied customers are also a great way to grow your business.

Stop Pursuing Dead Leads

If a lead has stated they aren’t interested or they begin dodging your calls, it’s time to let them go. You should also re-evaluate leads you’ve contacted multiple times but just won’t commit. It can be difficult to let leads go, but it will only hinder your business to spend more time chasing them.

Stay Organized

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of leads, contacts and forecast sales. Organizing your business information in a simple template in Excel helps you quickly visualize how your business is doing. Tools like Excel and others can help you calculate deal size, commission and other figures to make sure you stay on top of your business’ finances.

Use Data to Your Advantage

You can learn a lot by taking a hard look at your sales metrics. Reviewing key metrics such as upcoming sales, average percentage of deals you win and the average size of the deals, provides a snapshot of the strength of your business. Over time, these results should give you a good idea of how changes or enhancements affect your sales.

Keep the Sales Cycle Short

Maintaining a short sales cycle is important. The longer your sales process, the more time your potential customer has to vet other products and companies. If you find you’re not closing enough sales and leads are losing interest, you might need to shorten your sales process. This could mean reducing the number of days between follow ups or providing more information to the prospect to close the sale upfront.