Five Steps to Success for TVC Associates

Did you know you’re only five steps away from success? Reaching goals and achieving dreams doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, it takes hard work and dedication. But following a few tips can fast-track achievements and set you on a course toward greatness.

Believe in the company, your product and yourself

This may seem like three steps in one, but this step to success is all about having and showing confidence.

Associates need to understand the product and the company in order to believe in them. The more you know, the better you will be at selling the product. If you’re at a truck stop and don’t believe what you are selling is valuable, you won’t be able to convey value to the driver you are speaking with.

Associates who are self-assured in their business and personal lives are more successful at closing the sale. If you don’t believe in yourself or have trouble with your presentation, read a book about inner confidence or attend a local Toastmaster’s club meeting to practice your public speaking skills.

Know “if you were my savings counselor”

This is a fun exercise to do when you meet a new prospect.

Ask the person how much they would charge for all the benefits offered by the product. For example, ask them, “How much would you charge me to get legal representation for a traffic violation, including fixing my CSA score? I’m also going to need roadside assistance for anywhere in the country since I drive all over. Additionally, anytime my spouse’s car needs attention, I’m going to need you to change a tire, jumpstart the vehicle or tow it to the nearest service station. I’d also like travel discounts and a rewards program. And what if you throw in discounts on prescription medications and offer $50,000 in accidental death or dismemberment coverage. How much would you charge me for all of this?”

The prospect is usually flabbergasted by all the benefits and offers a price much larger than $30 or $40 a month. When you tell them TVC offers all this and more for less than what they thought, they immediately see the value of the product. Now, you just need to close the sale by asking for the money!

Wear your TVC pin

The TVC pin is your badge of honor, and you should wear it proudly. The pin is a great way to get prospects to initiate a conversation with you. When they ask what the pin means, you can immediately start highlighting the benefits of TVC products.

The pin also serves as a reminder to the associate that they are an important part of the TVC family. It creates unity and promotes team spirit, which translates into associate empowerment.

Recruit two people a week

Adding two new team members per week will build your business and generate more income than you could ever make solo. Associates can earn bonuses such as the Executive Director (EDIR) bonus by meeting specific sales targets and recruiting goals.

But how do you find these recruits? Try out the three foot rule below.

Practice the three foot rule

Anyone within three feet of a TVC associate is a prospect for recruitment. Every time you get that close to a person, invite them to the opportunity.

When selling at a truck stop, invite the driver into a casual conversation. Asking open ended questions like, “Where are you headed?” or “How long have you been driving?” can diffuse the fact that you are trying to sell them something.

The three foot rule can also be used to recruit other sales associates for your downline. The waitress at lunch, a gas station attendant or another parent from your kid’s little league team are perfect for practicing the three foot rule. Ask them if they want to make more money while having a flexible schedule, and then talk to them about all the benefits of selling TVC Pro-Driver.

If you have your TVC pin on, they may just ask you about it first.

These five steps form a solid base for success. For additional help reaching your goals, check out our previous blog about top sales and marketing resources for TVC associate.