How Do You Make a Sale When Someone Already Said No?

You may see many of the same drivers day in and day out while working at the truck stop kiosk. You might have pitched TVC Pro-Driver services to them in the past, but for various reasons, they have already said no.

Never fear! Try these techniques to turn those naysayers into new members.

Don’t refer to the past

If a driver has outright said no multiple times, don’t remind them. You don’t want your prospect to feel guilty about saying no, and you don’t want your last attempt to be all the driver remembers. Every encounter should be a fresh start. Simply using a different invitation than your previous conversation can encourage the driver to visit your booth.

Highlight a different benefit

Maybe your prospect isn’t sold by legal services alone. Do they know coverage extends to their personal vehicle? Or that it covers roadside assistance for their spouse? Different drivers have different priorities. There are many other benefits you can talk about to sell TVC Pro-Driver, such as travel discounts and up to $50,000 in accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Get personal

Creating a personal relationship with truckers can build rapport and trust. And people buy products from people they like. Instead of trying to hard sell membership on the second and third encounter, ask about their experiences and start a conversation about them, not the product. Learn their name and use it often when speaking with them. Down the road, when the opportunity arises, offer background about why you sell the product and the many benefits of having a TVC Pro-Driver membership.

Ask “Why not?”

When a driver says no, ask “what is your hesitation?” Having a longer conversation about the driver’s concerns can open opportunities to further explain benefits or to plan for future drivers’ objections. Every “no” is a learning opportunity! Another great way to learn how to overcome sales objections is to watch the TVC Pro-Driver objections playlist on TVC Marketing’s YouTube channel.

Keep in touch

Keep sales from falling through the cracks by following up with prospects. When drivers say no, get their email address and send a message within five minutes of them leaving the booth. The next time you see them, start a conversation by asking if the email was helpful. Send holiday greetings and other kind messages throughout the year to keep TVC Pro-Driver top of mind.

Keep in mind that any “no” you hear from a truck driver is not permanent. It can be turned into a “yes” through perseverance and using these proven tactics to transform prospects into lifelong members.