How to Build Your Business by Sharing Links

Working as a TVC Marketing associate enables you to build a business with a work schedule that fits your needs. You can ramp up your sales and grow your business when you share the good news about the TVC Marketing opportunity and the benefits for MCA membership with everyone you know.

One of the fastest ways to spread news is through social media and email. TVC’s website hosts several marketing tools that will make it simple to direct people to your website when you share a story about your business.


The Tools

Making sales has never been easier, since so many people have internet access on their phone. If you don’t want to create your own business website from scratch, there is no need to worry. TVC already did the work for you by giving each associate a personalized landing page.

These landing pages explain the opportunity of TVC Marketing and the benefits of MCA membership. We’ve also made it simple to direct people to your website with links that are already formatted for whatever platform you want to use.

These pages give customers a chance to learn about the business and sign up as a member or join you as a sales associate. For many associates, landing pages are perfect for their needs. Some associates decide to create an additional custom website, which they use to tell personal stories about selling for TVC Marketing or to discuss MCA membership advantages. Having an extra site is optional.


Sharing Your Landing Page

When you’re logged in to TVC’s website, you can easily get the links that will send customers or new associates directly to your business website. From the main website, click at the “Marketing” tab on the top menu. The drop-down menu will appear with a tool that says, “Share Marketing Links.” This is where you’ll go whenever you’re ready to make a social media post or send an email about your business.


Which Type of Link to Share

When you’re sharing a story about your business, you can pick from several different links. On the Marketing Links page you’ll see a list of five different pages you can share.

The first two links, which have the TVC Marketing logo next to them, are for growing your team. If you want to post on social media about your first big pay day, your ability to work from home, or something you’re now able to afford thanks to your TVC income, put these links at the bottom of the post.

  • The first link is for associate registration. You would choose this link if you have friends or family members who are ready to sign up as an associate. Maybe you had a great conversation with a friend and want to email them to encourage them to make the next step – this is the link you’d send them.
  • The second TVC link gives potential sales associates more information about the opportunity. Use this link when it’s the first time someone is hearing about TVC Marketing.

The three lines with MCA logos next to them are for selling memberships. We’ve made it easy for you by customizing three different MCA pages depending on your audience.

  • The first link speaks to MCA’s cost savings. Use this link if your message focuses on something such as how expensive emergency towing could be compared to a membership.
  • The second link highlights the security MCA gives members. Use this link if you are writing about a dangerous accident or something that tells people how MCA can protect them in case of trouble.
  • The last link is geared toward selling MCA memberships to families. This link is ideal to use if you’re speaking to parents when teenagers start driving or when children leave for college.


Selecting the Link Format

When you’re ready to share the link, a pop-up window will give you a few formatting options.

If you’re writing a post on a social network, pick the icon that corresponds to it. The link will automatically provide a preview image with your post formatted for that platform. This helps your post stand out from others that are just text.

Use the short link if you’re sending out a message in an email or in a text message.  If you have a personal business page or a blog, we also provided HTML code to embed a link.


Review Your Landing Page

You can preview your business website at any time by clicking on the marketing pages. Make sure you listed your public contact information. You can edit it directly from the landing page by clicking on the phone icon in the upper left corner of any of your landing pages. A window will appear showing your public contact information.

Select the “Edit Info” button and add your phone number, email address and profile picture.

It’s a great idea to look at the different landing pages offered and brainstorm different messages you can send for each one. Plan how you can share the TVC Marketing opportunity with various people, and think about which part of the package will appeal to them.

Now it’s time to share those links and grow your business.