How to Handle Sales Objections

TVC Marketing offers superior products for drivers. However, there can still be obstacles to overcome when explaining the value of a membership.

The “Feel, Felt, and Found” technique is a great way to handle any sales objection. It shows the customer you understand his or her feelings, and it helps build trust and mutual respect.

When a prospective member gives you a sales objection, say the following phrases:

FEEL – I can see why you’d feel that way…

FELT – Other drivers I have talked to have also felt that way…

FOUND – What I have found is that…

Then, restate the objection in a way you feel comfortable handling it. Successful sales professionals around the world use this simple technique because it works.


TVC Pro-Driver Objections

TVC Pro-Driver provides legal protection for professional truck drivers. Like Motor Club of America (MCA) associates, TVC Pro-Driver associates hear common sales objections from prospects. And not all of them can be handled with the “Feel, Felt, Found” method. While the objections and rebuttals below are common in truck stops where TVC Pro-Driver memberships are sold, MCA associates can apply many of the same techniques in their own sales presentations.


Objection: The cost is too high.


  1. How much are you willing to pay for peace of mind?
  2. Your membership comes with extra benefits and rewards like travel discounts, free legal representation for moving and non-moving violations and accident protection among many others.


Objection: I don’t have any cash with me.


  1. No problem. You do have it in the bank, don’t you? OK, then we can just do a bank draft.


Objection: I don’t want to have a draft coming out of my bank account.


  1. I understand, but there are two other options: credit or debit card. Which would you prefer?
  2. Why are you against a bank draft? It is so safe and easy. The bank gets the bill and sends the money, or you get the bill and send a check. It really is the same thing, except you don’t have to worry about getting home in time to get the bill or remember to write a check and mail it. Did you know most of our members pay by bank draft? Since they are on the road most of the time, they find it really convenient to have the bank take care of it for them.


Objection: I need to think it over.


  1. Is 30 days long enough to think about it? Great! Pay for one month, and if you decide you don’t need the coverage, just call the home office and say you want to cancel.
  2. What is your plan if you get a ticket or have an accident? Wouldn’t it be a relief to have one less worry?


Objection: Can I take a brochure with me?


  1. I would be happy to send a brochure with you. But, when you see a police car with lights on in your rear view mirror, pulling you over for a ticket, the brochure isn’t going to help you at all; this membership card will.


Objection: Do you have a business card I can have?


  1. Well, I could give you a business card, but what you really need is your membership card with the 800 number on it. If you don’t have a membership, I can’t really do anything for you once you get a ticket. So, I would rather give you a membership card with your name on it. Then, you can take the membership packet with you so if you do get a ticket, you’ll be covered. If you look at this as costing only $1.33 a day, isn’t it worth a few cents a day to know if you get pulled over, you won’t have to worry?


Objection: I have to discuss this with my spouse.


  1. I understand. But you’ll have more information to give them if you have the membership packet, right? In order to get the packet, you need to fill out the application to get enrolled. If, after you talk it over with them, you decide against the coverage, just call the home office. You can cancel it at any time.
  2. I understand how you FEEL. I have talked to other drivers who have FELT the same way. What I have FOUND is that if they can go home with the membership packet, they have an easier time showing their spouse the value of TVC Pro-Driver. In order to give you this packet, I must have at least the first month’s payment to send in with your application. Then you’ll be covered while you are talking it over. Remember, you are not obligated to more than one month at a time, so if you change your mind, you can call the office and cancel. If this works for you, let’s get this paperwork out of the way.


Objection: Just give me an application to take with me. I’ll send it in later.


  1. I’d like to do that, but the application has to be dated, timed and signed with my signature to ensure you have everything you need to benefit from this service. And I can’t give you a packet and membership card without a completed application.


Objection: I’ll be back on _______. I’ll have money then.


  1. That’s great. You know, the only problem is that I might not be here. I spend a lot of time here, but not 24 hours. And if your schedule and mine aren’t the same, I might miss you. Even worse, you could get a citation between now and then, and if you do, there would be a $295 handling fee. You know you would benefit from the service, and you can see how much it can save you in time and money, so let’s just get you enrolled now.


Objection: How do I know this really works?


  1. TVC Pro-Driver provider attorneys have a 92 percent success rate!
  2. Well, let me show you the testimonials from other drivers. With 17,000 provider attorneys representing our drivers, most of the tickets we handled have either been reduced (less points on their record) or sometimes even dismissed (so that it won’t appear on their record at all). One thing you will notice from the testimonials is that the member is still responsible for paying the fines and/or court costs; but you can see from their statements, that it was a big relief for the driver to know his record was kept clean.


Objection: My truck goes too slow so I’ll never get a ticket.


  1. True, you may only be able to get up to 60 or 65 mph, but many of the tickets our drivers get seem to be from small towns or in construction sites where the speed is drastically reduced. Often, we see tickets from drivers who were driving their car at home. With one computer system, all tickets, whether you get them in your car or truck, go on your record.
  2. Well, our plan covers moving violation, not just speeding tickets. We also cover improper lane changes, following too closely, running a stop light, failure to obey a traffic signal, failure to yield, driving in the wrong lane, and much more.
  3. We cover moving AND non-moving violations. Did you know there are more non-moving violations that carry a serious penalty than there are moving violations (in some states)? Having a slow truck won’t matter much then will it?


For more in-depth help with selling techniques and closing ideas, read Zig Ziglar’s The Secrets of Closing the Sale, which can be found on Amazon.