Learn About TVC Marketing & Motor Club of America

How much do you know about TVC Marketing? We want you to feel like you are part of our family, whether you’ve been with us for decades or just a few days.

TVC Marketing provides our associates with two flagship products to sell: Motor Club of America and, upon qualification, TVC Pro-Driver. We try to make people’s lives easier. We like to think everyone involved benefits, from our sales associates who have a path toward independent success to customers who get a wealth of services at a price that fits any budget.

TVC Marketing associates are able to unlock their potential as independent business owners. They provide an amazing package of services and discounts to members while working a schedule they manage themselves.

Our premier motor club service, Motor Club of America (MCA), makes traveling better, giving members peace of mind while driving anywhere in the United States and a layer of protection over many other aspects of their lives, from assistance with legal problems to accidental death benefits. The list of perks and discounts we offer is so long, it can be hard to get through all of them before people are ready to sign up. And more than 7 million customers have done just that, coming to us for the service that is second to none.

Our membership service for professional truck drivers, TVC Pro-Driver, provides legal representation for our drivers in the court of original jurisdiction on moving and non-moving traffic violations. Truckers move the world, and we help keep them on the road delivering goods throughout the US and Canada by representing them in court on their traffic violations. This saves drivers time, money and often their ability to continue to support themselves and their families.


Our History

Motor Club of America’s corporate heritage has been around since 1926, making it one of the longest-running roadside assistance providers in the country. Our network of emergency providers, attorneys and support staff takes care of our members personally. Every phone call is answered by one of us, and whatever service is needed is provided by people vetted and backed by our guarantee.

TVC Pro-Driver has been serving commercial drivers in the US and Canada since 1988. Having handled more than half a million citations for our drivers, we are the largest and most dominant force in our industry. We tout a success rate of over 92% and achieve a dismissal in more than 50% of our cases. Whenever a law enforcement officer see a TVC Pro-Driver logo on one of our driver’s trucks, they are certain this driver will have representation in court. This means the officers will need to be in court as well if the citation they are about to issue is has any chance of being upheld.


Meet Our Team

We have a team of experts who are all invested in guiding the company and our associates toward greater success. A company is only as good as its people, which is why we made sure to assemble a team with the best minds in finance, marketing, technology and operations. Read more about their backgrounds here.

Our leadership begins with Virgil Coffee, our founder. He began his career in the 1960s in motor club sales and developed a marketing plan for Pre-Paid Legal. It’s the combination of his experience that is the basis for TVC Marketing.

Our financial health is overseen by Chief Executive Officer Steve Hanebaum and Kent Melton, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Both men have extensive experience in banking and finance.

So much of our lives and businesses are driven by technology now. We’re happy to have Steve Coffee as our Chief Information Officer. He uses his vast experience in process engineering to manage our software.

President and Chief Operating Officer David Kircher oversees the day-to-day operations of TVC and directs the sales and marketing force of more than 3,400 independent sales associates.

We’re also proud to include Glenn Coffee, who has served in the Oklahoma State Senate and as the Oklahoma Secretary of State, as our general counsel.


Our Home

It seems fitting for us, as a business centered on road travel, to make our home in Oklahoma City, in the heart of the country.

Our business operations are based in Oklahoma City, where we maintain our business offices along with one of our call centers. To endure coverage in case of a disaster, we maintain another call center in El Reno, Oklahoma, which is staffed with people prepared to help our members. We take customers’ calls from across the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We handle everything from a simple request for a tow to helping people retain their right to drive by referring them to a lawyer to be their representative and advocate. We make sure our members receive the services they need to give them peace of mind.

At our El Reno call center, a team dedicated exclusively to our sales associates can answer any questions you may come across while building your business. The associate services line is available Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central time. Call (866) 467-2221 if you need help inputting sales or if you have a question about our products or your commission. We’re here to help you succeed.


Our Reputation

When we ask our customers to rely on us, we don’t expect them to just take our word for it. TVC Marketing, Motor Club of America and TVC Pro-Driver have A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau. We pride ourselves on our tradition of excellence.

We ask our members to trust that we will be there for them. We also put our faith in our associates. We know the best success stories come from people motivated to achieve greatness and we are excited to be on that path with you.