Leveraging Lead Forms to Boost Commission

Let’s face it — it’s not always possible to close every lead you meet in truck stops. Cultivating leads can take time, and it often requires multiple touchpoints to land the sale. To help you more readily collect leads’ contact information and close deals, we’ve created two convenient digital lead forms.

When a lead fills out one of the two forms below, their contact information goes directly to you via email, so you can follow up with the lead later. You have exclusive access* to that lead for 14 days following the completion of the form, and even after that 14 days, if they sign up for a TVC Pro-Driver membership, you can still earn commission! TVC will help you nurture the lead after the 14-day period — even though we’re helping do the work, you’ll still receive 100% of the commission.

Consider TVC your cheerleader — when you succeed, we succeed. Lean on us to help you nurture your lead and close the sale.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from using these forms:

  • Even if you don’t land the sale immediately, you can still earn money when people you introduce to TVC Pro-Driver eventually sign up.
  • We will cross-reference sales made through ProDriver.com, and if you collected this lead information from a driver who then signs up through ProDriver.com within 45 days, you will receive credit for the sale.**
  • If you collected the information from a driver using these forms, and someone else makes the sale after your 14-day exclusivity period, you will still receive a $10 lead generation bonus.**

In case you need a refresher, here’s how to use the forms to easily collect prospects’ contact information:

Lead Form

  • You can sign a driver up to learn more about TVC Pro-Driver products and services by capturing their information with this form.
  • Gathering contact information, especially email addresses, is incredibly important in connecting with leads through email marketing over time.
  • You still get credit for the sale if they sign up later*, so be sure to fill out this form for every person you talk to in truck stops.

WellCard Form

  • An easy way to get a lead to share their information is by having them sign up for the free WellCard Health Program via this link. Don’t forget to tell them your name so they can include it on the form.
  • Once submitted, an automated email will be sent to the prospect with final steps for WellCard registration.
  • You will receive a copy of the prospect’s information from Lynn Havener, so you can follow up with them about signing up for TVC Pro-Driver.

Using the lead forms is a win-win situation. You’ll get credit for talking to that lead, and you’ll also receive the full commission from the sale. Consider this another tool in your arsenal which TVC has provided to help you land sales. Don’t miss out on easy commission — start leveraging these lead forms TODAY!

Questions? Contact Lynn Havener at lhavener@prodriver.com.

*Except in instances where another associate signs up the prospect directly.

**Credit for the sales, and $10 lead generation bonus, goes to the last associate to have collected the lead information.