Make New Habits, Not Resolutions

More than 78 percent of people who make resolutions on January 1 will forgo their commitments before the month is over. So, we’re not going to give tips and tricks for sticking to your resolutions. Instead, we’re going to offer some options that really work and can help TVC associates achieve long-term lifestyle changes and increased well-being.

Start Small

One of the biggest reasons resolutions fail is because they are simply unreasonable. If you don’t like exercising, don’t commit to five days in the gym. Instead, start by taking a 10-minute walk at lunch to increase your activity and work your way up from there. Once you build up your stamina, add in some other activities, like swimming at your local YMCA or doing bodyweight exercises at home.

Instead of growing your entire team in a month, start with one associate. Once you set them up for success, focus on your next personal sponsorship. You’ll have a robust downline in no time.

Don’t Focus on the Consequences

Of the people who fall short of their resolution, many reported focusing on the downside of not achieving their goals, according to a study. A group of participants trying to lose weight suppressed hunger cravings and worried about the negative consequences of failing. They would also fantasize about looking like their role models. The study suggests it’s more effective to focus on the benefits of success. Instead of worrying that eating unhealthy food will cause disease, think about how much better you will feel because you chose a carrot instead of a cookie.

If you want to increase your income, don’t worry about what you won’t have if you fail. Look at that extra income as a bonus that will let you take a vacation or enjoy a fun night with friends.

Break it Down

Big dreams are great things. But sometimes they can be daunting. Break your goal down into a series of smaller goals and make steady progress toward a large payoff. Running a marathon can seem overwhelming. But an initial goal to walk a mile doesn’t seem like an impossible feat. Knock out that mile and then move on to the next goal of two miles. People in the study who used this strategy increased their success rate by 35 percent.

Start with just one goal on your dream sheet rather than trying to achieve them all at once. Mastering one will give you the motivation to take on the next.

Forget the Date

January 1 is just another day. And calendar-driven obligations have a way of falling by the wayside. Start making small changes now. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. If you want to save more money in the coming year, make an extra meal at home this week. Come New Year’s Day, you’ll feel like a million bucks for having already started working on your goals.

Now is also a great time to get a head start on your 2019 business goals. As a TVC associate, payday comes every week. What steps can you take today to make your paycheck even bigger? The personal evaluation can give great insight on your progress as a sales professional and highlight areas you can work to improve.

Re-frame resolutions

Habits are actions we regularly take without much thought or resolve. Resolutions, on the other hand, are an “all or nothing” goal that seem senseless to pursue after hitting the first roadblock. Re-frame resolutions as habits to create a mindset that is more forgiving and sustainable. This will help turn your resolution into a central part of your life – not a new, easily-overlooked obligation.

Instead of trying to be the next Zig Ziglar, think about the habits he uses and apply them to your own selling techniques. A recent TVC Marketing blog lists several resources you can use to help you become a top associate.

New Year’s resolutions often don’t work. But you can make the most of your New Year by taking an innovative approach to lifestyle changes. We can’t wait to see you grow your business and your paycheck in 2019!