Marketing 101: Dos and Don’ts

An MCA membership has many perks, and there is a lot to remember when selling to new customers. It’s important to talk about the peace of mind that comes with roadside assistance and the extra benefits of MCA discounts so customers know what a great value it is. But it’s also essential to follow the company rules when marketing MCA. We don’t want you to get into legal trouble or mislead customers, even by accident, so we created these tips to help you know what to do and what to avoid.

Why marketing guidelines are important

When you sell MCA memberships, you’re adding customers to a reputable network with more than 90 years of experience helping drivers. Maintaining our outstanding reputation helps keep MCA memberships easy to sell.

One way we stay well-respected is by providing guidelines for all of our associates. TVC Marketing requires our associates to follow the law. Some marketing laws are set by the Federal Trade Commission. We also require sales associates to follow state and local licensing laws. If you fail to comply with these laws, it can hurt your independent business and put you in legal jeopardy.

Since you are an independent contractor, it’s your responsibility to know these rules and follow them.  Being your own business owner allows you to embrace new marketing technology and be creative. However, it’s important to never say or imply that you are an employee of TVC Marketing, MCA or TVC Pro-Driver. Always be sure not to speak on behalf of the company, only yourself.

We have a full list of the guidelines here. In general, remember to always be truthful in any statement you make about a TVC product, whether in a social media post, an email or a conversation.

Trouble spot: Comparing MCA to others

It may seem harmless to compare MCA membership to other roadside assistance membership programs. However, when it comes to talking about our competitors, the laws are pretty strict. Whether you are comparing MCA to another roadside assistance program or any other business that might be considered a competitor, follow these guidelines:

  1. Don’t advertise MCA products on competitors’ social media sites
  2. Don’t make direct comparisons using the name of a competitor
  3. Don’t repeat information you’ve heard second-hand: verify it personally before using the information in your marketing efforts.
  4. Do not use or register web domain names that include a competitors’ trademark

MCA has tons to offer its associates and members, so it’s best to focus your marketing efforts on highlighting those benefits rather than pointing out competitors’ flaws.

Understanding brand standards

Most companies have what are called “brand standards.” This helps keep a business’ image consistent and adds legitimacy to the brand. Think about it this way: Would you trust you were getting a legitimate ticket to a football game if the logo printed on the ticket was the wrong color, looked different or spelled the team’s name wrong? Probably not.

Like all professional brands, we have guidelines for the MCA logo so customers know they are getting the same product, regardless of who they buy their membership from.

We have made it easy for you by providing approved marketing materials at and a style guide, which explains all the guidelines for using our brand name.

A few basics to keep in mind:

  • The full name “Motor Club of America” or the abbreviation “MCA” can be used when referencing the product or membership plans. Always capitalize M, C and A.
  • MCA uses specific colors in all documents and marketing materials. They can be found here.
  • The MCA logo is to be used on all marketing and communication materials with the public and members. Acceptable ways to use the logo can be found in the brand standards document. NEVER stretch, alter or use unapproved colors or effects on the MCA logo.

Remember, any marketing materials with our logo on it must be approved before you use it. If you have any questions about style guides or other marketing rule, you can reach associate services Monday – Saturday, 8am – 8pm CST at 866-467-2221.