MCA Membership Benefits and How to Use Them

A Motor Club of America membership gives drivers roadside assistance protection they can trust when they travel. But we include many other services too. These other benefits and protections make selling MCA memberships easy. We combine our history of helping travelers with many other programs.

The more you know about MCA membership and its perks, the more you will be able to sell. Although we don’t require sales associates have their own MCA membership, the easiest way to sell memberships is through sharing your personal experiences.


Our Six Areas of Service

When you’re listing off all the benefits of MCA membership, think of it as six programs in one.

  1. Roadside Assistance: Our roadside assistance is our flagship service and has been trusted by motorists for nearly a century. Our call center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can send help to anywhere in the United States or Canada. The program includes both emergency towing and service, such as emergency repairs on your vehicle.
  2. Legal Defense: Nobody expects to get in legal trouble, but it’s nice to know there is added protection if it happens. Our legal program will provide a lawyer if members receive a ticket for a moving violation, injure someone with their vehicle, damage another car with their vehicle, or face charges of vehicular manslaughter or assault and battery. We also offer a $500 arrest bond certificate and up to a $25,000 bail bond for criminal charges arising from a car accident.
  3. Loss Protection: MCA members have an extra layer of protection against theft. Our Loss Protection program offers a $5,000 reward for stolen vehicles and a $500 reward for stolen farm and ranch equipment. These rewards help members recover property without forcing them to pay a reward. The program protects against credit card theft as well.
  4. Medical Discounts: All members living in the U.S. can receive a free WellCard*, which gives access to discount vision and dental services and reduced-cost prescriptions. Based on two doctor visits, two prescriptions and two dental visits per year, a family of three can save up to $1,000 on health care. The WellCard is free gift to our members to keep indefinitely.
  5. Accident Benefits: If someone is injured in a car accident, paying for recovery should be far from their mind. MCA members don’t need to worry with the personal accident benefits included in the plan. These benefits cover emergency room visits and hospital stays. Members also have accidental death and dismemberment benefits available, giving them and their families peace of mind.
  6. Travel Discounts: The money MCA members save on traveling expenses can be enough to pay for the membership. Members receive discounts on hotel and motel rates and car rentals whenever they are 100 miles or more away from their primary residence. The touring and travel service can provide customized maps, itineraries and booking assistance. The program includes emergency travel assistance, which helps in getting people home or to a hospital if needed.


Start Using MCA Membership Services

Once someone is a member of MCA, they have access to all benefits. Members are automatically enrolled in most programs when they sign up. Two of the programs require an extra step.

  • Members who want the optional $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage need to fill out a form on our website. The document allows coverage just for the member or splitting it between a spouse or family.
  • To get access to health discounts, which include discount vision screenings, dental service and prescription medications, members need to go to com and follow the directions for New Users. Enter Group ID TVCM when prompted to register for the free WellCard.

Need roadside assistance? Call anytime. 800-227-6459. This is also the number for most other services. If you need legal services, call TVC’s legal department at 800-288-2889.


Remember Our Difference

Roadside assistance programs are common, but MCA membership offers more. We’ve been tried and tested for nearly 100 years and are experts on getting help to motorists when they need it. Car dealerships or other clubs may offer a basic service such as towing, but they may not be available anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Other programs won’t be able to help if you’re hospitalized after an accident or your vehicle is stolen. We may have started out as a roadside assistance program, but we’ve grown to so much more. Using our discounts and other programs helps you and it gives you a story to tell when you’re selling memberships. MCA is also proud to give our sales associates the power to build a business.


*DISCLAIMER FOR WELLCARD HEALTH: This is not insurance. It is a discount medical program. It does not replace COBRA or any other medical insurance program nor is it a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. WellCard Health does not qualify for essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA-Obamacare). Cardholders are responsible for paying the discounted cost at the time of services from participating providers. WellCard Health has no membership fee nor is participation in any organization or purchase of any good or service required to obtain or use WellCard Health. WellCard Health will not share or sell your personal information. This discount plan organization is Access One Consumer health, Inc., (not affiliated with AccessOne Medcard), 84 Villa Road, Greenville, SC, 29615, This program is not available to residents of Montana, but may be used by non-residents at participating Montana providers. Other state residents: visit for full disclosure statement. Not available in Canada. The DMPO does make available a list of all program providers which include their name, city and state and medical specialty prior to purchase, upon request.