Most Common Questions When Selling a TVC Marketing Product

It’s inevitable you’ll be asked many questions by potential customers while you are selling TVC Pro-Driver or Motor Club of America membership. Are you prepared to respond?

Below, we’ve listed the top questions associates get during sales pitches along with suggested answers to prepare you for any objection!

Will my membership replace my current insurance?

TVC Marketing products, including TVC Pro-Driver and Motor Club of America, are not insurance. Our membership contracts are not automobile liability or physical damage policies. Drivers are still responsible for their own insurance.

Instead, we provide motor club memberships, which include numerous benefits. TVC offers a network of lawyers for traffic violations, assistance during emergencies and discounts on health, travel, dining and more.

What makes TVC products different?

The benefits! Where else can members find legal representation, hotel discounts, bail bond assistance, hospital stay coverage and rewards all in one place?

Tip: Use the “If You Were My Savings Counselor” tool to share the extensive membership benefits and value with prospective customers.

Where am I covered with my membership?

From legal services to hotel discounts, membership follows customers all across the country. We even offer coverage in Canada!

Why are your lawyers better than others?

Our attorneys are experts in their field. Many of our lawyers have been with TVC for over 25 years. Since 1988, we’ve handled more than 500,000 cases.

For TVC Pro-Driver members, provider attorneys are trained in CDL violations and trucking regulations.

We also provide legal representation anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. No matter where members drive in these areas, we have a lawyer ready to defend them.

Does my membership cover multiple vehicles?

TVC Pro-Driver and Motor Club of America memberships cover multiple private passenger vehicles as long as the cardholder was driving at the time of disablement. Restrictions do apply, and members should review their agreement for complete details.

For Pro-Driver members, coverage extends to both commercial and personal vehicles.

Can I get customer service in Spanish?

Our TVC customer service agents speak English, Spanish, French, Hindi Russian, Punjabi, Cantonese and more. For additional language options, members can call their support number to be connected with a representative who can assist.

How do I sign up?

Signing is up easy! We just need contact information and a payment method to get started.

Tip: As an independent associate, this is your time to shine! When a prospect asks how to sign up, you can close your sale and gather payment details. Share your personalized marketing links or use your back office to enter the new customer, and get ready to see your commission roll in.