Next Steps for New Associates

You’ve decided to become a TVC Marketing associate. Welcome to the team! You may be asking, “What’s next?”

To help get you started on the right foot, we laid out a few top priorities for new associates.

Make sure you qualify for commissions

To qualify for commissions, you must sign and submit your associate agreement and register online by clicking here. This process ensures you don’t miss out on your earnings.

You may also need a license to sell memberships, depending on which state you live in. We created a helpful guide to these requirements with links to the application forms. Complete the required forms and send them to TVC Marketing. The Associate Services team will submit the paperwork to the state agency on your behalf.

After you submit your forms, be sure to check your registration status on the TVC website. Once your license is approved and you have correct information on file, you’ll be ready to make sales and start earning!

Read the rules and guidelines

Being an associate means you have a lot of freedom regarding your schedule, your income potential and your future. But we don’t want you to encounter any roadblocks on your path to success.

TVC associates must operate by the rules — not just because it’s the right thing to do — it’s necessary to make sure you don’t run into any legal issues. Associate Services can help you navigate state licensing rules, ensure FTC compliance and avoid any sticky situations.

Associate rules and guidelines are located in your associate packet and on the TVC Marketing website. Associate Services can also answer questions about TVC Marketing policies, from taxes to marketing tactics to brand standards.

Create your referral sites

After being approved to sell, every associate receives free, personalized referral websites to promote memberships and recruit new associates. To set up your sites, log in to, go to the “Account” section and select “Profile.” There is a “Marketing Profile” section at the bottom of the page which contains your website URLs and referral code.

Be sure to give your referral code to any potential customers and associates so you receive commission when they sign up. You can easily share your websites by email, through social media or on business cards.

Set your goals

We wrote a two-part blog post series about setting business goals because it’s the key to success! In your training manual, you’ll find tools to help put your goals down on paper. Your income goals, dream sheet and personal evaluation set you on the right path to making your dreams a reality.

Revisit these sheets and re-evaluate your priorities on a regular basis. When you reach a goal, immediately replace it with another to keep moving forward.

Share your new opportunity

Tell your friends and family about your new venture! We encourage you to use social media to tell your connections about the product and share with them the opportunity to become an associate. In your online Associate Tools, there are even direct links to share your referral website on your social media platforms.

Just remember, this business is about building relationships, not filling your friends’ feeds with repetitive information.

Have more questions? and the TVC Marketing YouTube page provide additional resources for associates. Don’t forget you also have support from the Associate Services! You can find the TVC Pro-Driver and MCA Associate Services phone number and availability in your back office or training manual.