Replace “Checking In” With These 5 Follow-Up Strategies

If you don’t close a sale during your first conversation with a lead, don’t give up. Ask for their contact information so you can follow up.

When you reconnect, remove language like “touching base” or “checking in” from your vocabulary. Phrases like this contain no value and are more likely to get your message deleted than they are to elicit a response.

Here are five tactics you can use instead when following up with a lead:

1. Remind the lead how you can help

You don’t want to be seen as an annoying salesperson – from the first conversation, try to build a relationship. Let them know you’re here to help and will answer any questions they have.

You could say: “Joe, it was great to talk to you on Tuesday. I look forward to hearing more about your needs, and I’m always here to answer any questions. Let’s work together to brainstorm which TVC Pro-Driver plan is the best fit for you.”

2. Reiterate how TVC will bring value to their team

The lead responded to your initial conversation, call or email because they saw value in TVC Pro-Driver. Remind them how a TVC Pro-Driver membership helps keep drivers on the road, protects their CDLs and includes many other benefits.

You could say: “Joe, in our previous conversation, you mentioned how important it was to take care of a ticket you recently received. Let’s set up some time to talk and keep moving forward.”

3. Share ideas and anecdotes

Customers want to work with people who bring ideas to the table. Show them you’re strategically thinking about ways TVC Pro-Driver can specifically benefit them, and share examples of how the membership benefitted other drivers.

You could say: “Joe, I’ve been thinking more about the frustrations you mentioned with your current insurance agency. I thought you might be interested in how our Platinum plan helped another customer in a similar situation just last week. Do you have time this afternoon for a quick conversation?”

4. Continue educating

Until your lead has signed on the dotted line, there’s still work to be done. They might be debating if switching to TVC Pro-Driver is the right move, or they might be wondering if this membership will provide real value. Give them real, substantive reasons to seal the deal.

You might say: “Joe, you mentioned our emergency roadside assistance was a major reason you’re interested in signing up for a TVC Pro-Driver membership. If you weren’t aware, members’ spouses also have access to emergency roadside assistance in their personal vehicles. Let’s set up a time to talk through any questions.”

5. Guide their decision process

People are more willing to sign up when you help them through their decision process. Show them how TVC’s experience and knowledge can help them on the road.

You might say: “I know this is all new to you, Joe. I’d love to set up a time to explain each of our plans in depth and to talk more about your needs. Can I give you a call?

It’s not enough to just make cold calls or send introductory emails. Following up with leads and providing added value is an essential step in closing a sale.