Spotlight on the TVC Pro-Driver App

The new TVC Pro-Driver app is an added benefit for members. Drivers can quickly and easily find what they might need, whether it’s how to send in a ticket or information on TVC’s three plans. Here are details on five of the app’s perks so you can better educate prospects and current members.

Fill Up Fuel Cards

TVC Pro-Driver’s Fuel & Shop Discount Program helps owner-operators save on average over $7,800 each year. With the TVC Pro-Driver app, they can easily load their fuel card and get back on the road. The app also allows drivers to sign up for the program if they’re not already enrolled.

Why this matters: TVC Pro-Driver partners with a nationwide network of participating fueling locations, including major truck stops. Convenience + savings = happy drivers.

Send in New Tickets

The TVC Pro-Driver app makes taking care of tickets simple. Drivers upload a photo of the ticket – whether it’s for a serious accident, a moving or non-moving violation or a pre-existing citation – and TVC’s experienced provider attorneys will quickly get it handled. Free DataQ Challenges are included with every dismissed, amended and/or reduced violation.

Why this matters: Tickets negatively affect drivers’ CSA scores, and taking care of them as soon as possible protects their CDLs.

Access Important Documents

Whether drivers are cruising through California or Connecticut, TVC Pro-Driver has their backs. The app includes important sales support forms, legal forms like power of attorney and state-specific waivers and even miscellaneous forms like credit card authorizations and AD&D election.

Why this matters: Drivers shouldn’t have to search for vital documents in sticky situations. With the app, everything is available in one place.

View the Latest Dispatcher

The monthly Pro-Driver Dispatcher provides news for drivers’ fast-moving worlds. The e-newsletters gather relevant industry information and TVC updates so drivers never have to search for the facts they need.

Why this matters: If drivers accidentally deleted an email or can’t find it in their inboxes, they know it’s always accessible with the Pro-Driver app.

Contact Us

If a driver needs to request roadside assistance, pay their membership, check on an existing ticket or contact the fuel card department, they can do it all through the app. Phone numbers, along with an email contact form, are clearly listed.

Why this matters: When drivers are in a bind, they expect help, fast. The app streamlines the process of reaching out to the TVC team.

The TVC Pro-Driver app helps us meet drivers’ needs more quickly and effectively than ever before. It’s another way for us to provide quality customer service!