Strategies for Selling Over the Phone

To make more sales and increase your commission, it’s important to diversify your sales technique. Reaching out to prospects over the phone can be an efficient and effective way to land sales when selling in truck stops is off the table — be sure to follow up with leads you’ve met in truck stops, check in with former members and ask current members for referrals.

A challenge to selling over the phone is the lack of face-to-face communication and ability to read nonverbal cues. To effectively sell over the phone, you need to have a game plan ready — below, check out successful strategies and suggested talking points for closing phone-based deals.

1) Know What Prospects Really Want to Talk About on the First Sales Call

Let’s say you’re calling someone who has been referred to you by a current member. Cold calls can be tricky, but anticipating what questions prospects might ask will make things easier. On a first call, prospects will likely ask you about pricing, the differences between Pro-Driver plans, how TVC Pro-Driver will make their life easier, what current members think about TVC Pro-Driver and why TVC Pro-Driver is the best choice amongst competitors. By anticipating frequently asked questions, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. Here’s what you might say:

 “I’m here to answer any question you might have about TVC Pro-Driver and show you how it will make your life easier. Just the other day, I was talking with your friend [insert current member name] about how he avoided points on his CSA score with our services…”

2) Get Prospects Talking with Open-Ended Questions

Asking the right questions will show prospects you care about their needs — especially if you’re chatting with former members and trying to get them to sign up again. It’s OK to ask a few “yes” or “no” questions to establish baselines, but be sure to follow up with open-ended questions. The person might share points of pain or details which will help you land the sale. Here’s what you might say:

“I understand you cancelled your membership with TVC Pro-Driver because [insert reason here]. How can we better help address the challenges you encounter as a professional driver?”

3) Know When and How to Follow Up with Prospects

If you’ve chatted with a prospect at a truck stop or on the phone but have yet to close the sale, a general rule of thumb is to wait 48 hours before reaching out again. With many people screening their calls, you might even be sent directly to voicemail. When unable to talk directly with a prospect, it’s important to stand out — personalize your communication, don’t be overwhelming and end with next steps. Here’s what you might say:

“Good afternoon, [Prospect Name]! This is [Associate Name] calling again from TVC Pro-Driver. I enjoyed chatting with you the other day about [insert personalized topic], and I look forward to welcoming you as a TVC Pro-Driver member. Can you please give me a call back at [insert phone number here] so we can discuss next steps? I’ll follow up in a few days if I haven’t heard from you. Thanks!”

4) There’s More to Following Up Than “Just Checking In”

Speaking of following up with prospects — when you reconnect, remove language like “touching base” or “checking in” from your vocabulary. Phrases like this contain no value and are more likely to get you ignored than they are to elicit a response. Nurture the relationship by reminding prospects how TVC can provide value to their lives, or provide further information on topics they were interested in. Bottom line: be sure to guide their decision process. Here’s what you might say:

“In our previous conversation, you mentioned how important it is to take care of a ticket you recently received. Our Platinum plan has just what you’re looking for, so let’s move forward with making you become a TVC Pro-Driver member.”

5) Never Stop Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Even the most seasoned salesperson needs a refresher course every now and then. When you’re calling dozens of prospects a day, sometimes you forget to take a step back and re-examine your process. For example, make sure you’re always addressing prospects’ interests. Determine the appropriate approach to take — some leads are more laid back, while others appreciate directness — and always show, don’t tell. Here’s what you might say:

“I’ve been thinking more about the frustrations you mentioned with your current legal provider. I thought you might be interested in how our Platinum plan helped another driver in a similar situation just last week.”

With these strategies in your back pocket, you’ll be well-equipped to diversify your sales technique and earn more commission in the process.