Top Sales and Marketing Resources for TVC Associates

It’s amazing how many sales professionals have never read a book about sales or listened to a podcast on marketing. Professional development is an important part of most careers, but it can be easy to put off when you’re busy running your own business.

TVC Marketing encourages associates to review the marketing plan located in your back office, watch TVC Talk episodes on our YouTube channel and read the TVC blogs for tips on selling. However, there are several other sources of information that can also help you become a top associate.


TVC Marketing Founder Virgil Coffee is a big fan of Zig Ziglar, an iconic American author, salesman, and motivational speaker. Ziglar literally wrote the book on salesmanship – 30 of them to be exact. But Ziglar isn’t the only author with sales prowess. Here are our top five recommended sales books:


Podcasts are a fun, easy way to increase your sales knowledge. While driving to the grocery store or getting ready for work, you can learn about the latest techniques and trends simply by pushing play on some our favorite podcasts:


The TVC Marketing blog is arguably the best blog out there, but we recognize others who can offer additional advice. Don’t forget to sign up to receive alerts when a new TVC blog is published before venturing over to these top sales blogs:


You may be thinking we’re crazy, but there are tons of movies about professional sales. Some are motivational, and some are lessons in what not to do. Either way, you can pop some popcorn and pick up some sales tips while watching these entertaining flicks:

Professional development never ends. There will always be a new selling technique to learn or technological change to tackle. But putting time and energy into continuing your sales education will pay off through increased sales and higher commissions. You and your business are worth the effort.