What Happens After the Close?

You found a prospect, told them about the benefits MCA membership offers and they are ready to sign up. Congratulations! You made a sale. Now what?

1. Payment

The most common forms of MCA payments are credit cards and bank drafts. Explain the options and help the customer select which one is right for them. It’s important to know a few details about each payment method to get your orders processed quickly.

  • Credit card payments: Credit and debit card details will be validated when the information is entered into your associate site. Some sales are held pending verification and will be flagged as a “hold” in your back office. You don’t need to do anything if this happens. Our office will call the customer to verify the sale. If you or the customer calls MCA about the payment, it could actually delay the process. All verification calls must be initiated by our sales office.
  • Bank drafts: Customers can use a bank draft payment, in which payments are withdrawn directly from a checking account. ATM cards and other types of cash cards can’t be used for drafts, since card numbers are not the same as the bank account numbers.

If a customer must call their home or bank for account numbers, stay with them to answer any questions. MCA can draft a member’s account on a specific day each month, but this has to be arranged by the home office. Call associate services at 866-467-2221 to learn how to process these applications.

2. Paperwork

After you’ve helped your customer select a payment method, make sure you send copies of all applications to the home office. This paperwork will be used to verify the account, and we will keep it on hand in the event of any issues with payment. If they signing up on your website they will receive an emailed copy of their billing agreement.


Let your customer know to expect a phone call from MCA to verify the sale. It will be from a 405 area code number, and we will leave a message asking them to call back if they don’t answer. We simply verify the name, billing method and mailing address where we will send their membership card. After we verify their account, we process the sale.

If your customer does not provide a mailing address, we will collect this on the call. The account will be placed on hold before verification without an address.

  • Disputes: Sometimes, a customer will dispute a charge on their credit card or bank statement because they don’t recognize the payment. In these cases, the home office must produce a copy of the signed application/billing agreement to avoid being charged back by the credit card company.

4. Membership Card

When we’ve confirmed the account, we will mail the new member an MCA membership card.

Once they have a card, members can call for roadside assistance, take advantage of MCA discounts and use all the other benefits of their membership. Let customers know they can call MCA at 800-227-6459 for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after receiving their card.