What Prospects Really Want to Talk About on the First Sales Call

Think you dictate the sales process? Think again. Leads today are savvier and more aware than ever before. They actively seek information and are ready with follow-up questions, so don’t be caught unprepared.

By anticipating details your prospect is likely to prioritize during your first sales calls, you’ll set yourself up for success. Here’s what they’ll want to know:

1) Pricing

More often than not, your lead will cut to the chase and ask about pricing. Take the time to do your homework and identify which TVC Pro-Driver plan falls within their budget. Talk about the pros of each option and focus on what their money will buy them. This is a great opportunity to use the Plan Comparison Chart at ProDriver.com to discuss benefits available at a competitive price. By emphasizing the advantages, you’ll help alleviate any “sticker shock” and show real value.

2) Differences Between Plans

Pricing, of course, isn’t the only difference between TVC Pro-Driver plans, so think about your lead’s individual needs when explaining benefits. If discounted tires and nationwide roadside dispatch is important, for example, you’ll want to recommend the Platinum Plan. If your prospect isn’t concerned with pre-existing commercial citations or bond payments, then the Silver Plan might be appropriate. There’s no wrong answer, but you should ensure all details are crystal clear.

3) How TVC Pro-Driver Will Make Life Easier

Ask yourself why you would join TVC Pro-Driver if you were a professional driver. Maybe it’s the extra money available to your family because you saved hundreds of dollars through the Fuel & Shop Discount Program. Maybe it’s the security knowing your CDL is always protected or the travel discounts that follow you across the country. Whatever the reason, try to connect with your lead by explaining how TVC Pro-Driver can benefit them personally.

4) Success Stories

Reasons for joining TVC Pro-Driver might seem obvious to you, but don’t expect your prospect to just take your word for it. Build your case by sharing success stories of other drivers you’ve helped. Relevant examples provide clear value, lessen potential risks and instill a sense of trust.

5) Why TVC Pro-Driver is the Best Choice

How does TVC Pro-Driver stack up against the competition? It’s a fair question, and it’s one your lead is certainly bound to ask. Here are just a few talking points:

  • TVC Pro-Driver has saved drivers over $31 million to date. Can other companies say the same?
  • No other company has TVC’s extensive network of experienced CDL attorneys, which has handled more than one million cases.
  • With certain plans, benefits like roadside dispatch services and moving violation challenges are even extended to spouses.
  • Our nationwide Fuel & Shop Discount Program will instantly add money back to your pocket.

It’s easy to mindlessly dive into a script when approaching conversations with leads. But by anticipating frequently asked questions, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.