When and How to Follow Up with Prospects

One of the biggest obstacles in sales can be overcoming common objections like, “I’ll sign up next time.” While you can still keep in contact, getting another opportunity to discuss TVC may be challenging. The average person receives more than 100 emails per day, so it can be hard to grab a prospect’s attention. Being strategic when following up and incorporating the tips below will help you positively stand out and lead to more sales.    

How Often Should I Follow Up?

Sales associates should respond to inquiries about TVC’s products within 24 hours. Waiting any longer leaves a bad impression and gives the prospect more time to vet competitors.

On the other hand, if you’re contacting a person who has never expressed interest in TVC, do your homework on the prospect, if possible. List the benefits he or she could enjoy as a member and talk about TVC’s history. After sending an email or making a call to introduce TVC, play it cool. Following up too soon can come off as annoying or desperate.

Wait at least 48 hours after leaving a voicemail or sending an email to follow up. After 48-72 hours with no response, send a short email reminding the prospect you recently contacted them and are excited to share more about how TVC Pro-Driver can help them save. Be sure to end your email with an invitation to connect.

If you still haven’t received a response after another 48-72 hours, contact the prospect again to say you’ve reached out twice before and would still like to connect. Mention how TVC Pro-Driver provides major savings and suggest times for a call.

This process should take more than a week. People are busy and may be on the road or on vacation. After a week, if you’ve had no previous contact with the prospect and still haven’t received a response after another two to three days, it may be time to focus on other promising leads. If you’ve previously connected with this person, consider following up until you receive a response.

Tips for Standing Out

Get personal

Always personalize your communication. Tailor your voicemail or email to the person you’re trying to sell to, which shows you’ve done your research and are interested in connecting with them specifically.

Change it up

Don’t continue to contact the prospect using only one communication channel. If the prospect hasn’t returned your emails, try a phone call.

Timing matters

The timing of your emails and phone calls is also important. People are less likely to respond over the weekend or right before a major holiday. Before connecting, keep communication within business hours. When you have the opportunity to speak with the prospect, ask best day and time to reach them and which channel they prefer.

Don’t overwhelm

Always be brief. When leaving an initial voicemail or sending an opening email, quickly communicate why you’re contacting the prospect. Keep the focus on them and their company. Then, explain why you are contacting them now. For example, “TVC just launched a new Platinum plan, which I think could be a great fit for you.”

End with next steps

Never end a call or email without a next step. If you’re on a call, use it as an opportunity to schedule a quick follow up, if necessary. This way, you’ll know when the prospect is free to talk, and you can eliminate time spent scheduling another call. If the call ends without the prospect committing to another meeting, you may waste your time trying to track them down.

Cutting through the noise can be challenging, but being strategic and efficient can differentiate you from the crowd. Learn more about follow up strategies here.