Your Commissions Questions Answered

Working for TVC Marketing gives you control of your career. Whether your goal is to have a flexible side gig or a more secure financial future, it all starts with making sales and getting paid. As soon as you start selling MCA memberships, you can begin earning commissions.

How much commission do I earn per sale?

When you make a sale, commission payouts depend on the product sold. Let’s discuss two MCA memberships. The higher the membership level sold, the more money you earn from the sale. When qualified, an annual Total Security membership pays a $35 commission advance, and Security memberships pay a $15 commission advance. Sales qualify for advance commissions when they are being paid with a valid Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card.

Why am I missing a commission payment?

 If you’re expecting a commission but don’t get paid, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Cancellations: If your customer changes their mind and cancels their membership before commissions are calculated, they will receive a full refund and your commission will not apply.
  • Delays: Sometimes, there are delays in confirming memberships due to the customer’s form of payment, contact information or our ability to reach them. For these commissions, you’ll see a status listed on your sale dashboard indicating the sale is pending verification or notated by a yellow hand or the status “Hold”. Hang on. You will get your commission once the payment clears and membership is confirmed.

If you don’t feel like your missed commissions fall into either of these categories, call MCA associate services at 866-467-2221 for assistance.


What are the different types of commission?

  • Advanced commissions: If your customer pays for a membership with an ongoing payment method which can include credit card, debit card or bank draft, you can receive advanced commissions as indicated above. We are willing to pay advanced commission because with an ongoing payment method we feel that we have a good chance of continuing to collect monthly membership dues from that member.
  • As-earned commissions: If your customer used another form of payment, such as a prepaid card, gift card, online bank account or offshore account, or credit or debit cards that have a historically high failure rate, you will receive as-earned commissions. For each monthly membership payment we receive, you will earn a commission on that payment. For the Total Security membership, the earned commission is $4.62 for the first 12 monthly payments received. Renewal monthly earned commission (13th or greater monthly payment received) is $3.70. You’ll also receive as-earned commissions when a customer gifts a membership to someone else, if a customer charges multiple memberships to the same credit card or bank account, and for all group sales.
  • Override commissions: Override commissions are commissions that you receive on sales made by other associates whom you have recruited to work in your sales organization.See Understanding Your Marketing Plan for restrictions and qualifications.

What are chargebacks?

If one of your customers cancels their account after you’ve already received an advance commission, a chargeback may apply. The chargeback amount depends on how long the customer had their annual membership. For example, if a member cancels a Total Security membership after making six monthly payments, the commission you would have earned would be 6 x $4.62 = $27.72 of the $35 advance commission you received. So, your chargeback would be $35.00 – $27.72 = $7.28. Your commission is based on what we’ve collected for the duration of the membership.

What do I need to do to qualify for commission?

To receive advance commissions, you have to provide your direct deposit information to MCA. You also need to make sure you meet the licensing requirements of your state. Fill out your W-9 form and make sure you have a signed associate agreement on file with MCA. If you don’t have an associate agreement form, expect a call from MCA so you can get the commissions you deserve.